Starlooks box

 So I won a starlooks box from a contest that MakeupTalks held.

So I got February box which is a special edition by Lauren Clark.

 Here is what the inside of the box looks like.

 It came with a lipliner in Tipsy which is now my fave. lipstick color.

 Lipgloss in pink oasis.

 eyeliner in Princess Diary which I use as a cream pink eyeshadow.

 A cream blush in Barbie pink.

So the value of everything I won: Lip liner $ 12.00.
                                                  Lip gloss $12.00
                                                  Eyeliner $13.00
                                                  Blush 15.00

For a total value of $ 52.00 dollars it was a amazing prize. So this monthly box is 15 dollars a month. 22 dollars for Canada for the shipping cost. Here is the link Starlooks Box. if you do subsribe use my Name Samantha Clysdale so I can get free shipping for a month.

(Disclaimer I won this box in the contest. Note: the blush in this blog is no longer sold by starlooks.)



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