Yo homes to Vancouver Island

So during may I went to Vancover Island to visit my parents in law. So I took a ferry to Vancover Island.

So I went to the gift shop to pass the time and found some goodies.

Got this adorable shirt for my 2 year old.

 Here is what the box looks like its from a company called Sweet Lei Lani.

 Look it has a pretty Hawaii flower on the cap/

The color is a frost brown with a hint of pink. The color is called Coral Reef. The lipstick is 100% Vegan.


  • it has a nice shape
  • The color lasts awhile
  • it animal cruelty free and its 100% vegan
  • It goes for 13 dollars a stick
  • Its made in Canada


  • There is no cons. First time I can’t say any thing bad about a product.

I give this lipstick 5/5. I will be review their other colors in the future.

You can get your lipstick or their other fine products here

(Disclaimer I bought the products in this blog unless stated otherwise. Jeffery was my fave. Character on Fresh Prince of Bel Air.)


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