Body & Soul store grand opening A.K.A Elements Body Essentials

 Today was the Body & Soul store grand opening. Of course I went to the grand opening to see what was new and exciting. I was not disappointed. There were new goodies like BB cream with SPF 30, bug off spray, dry shampoo, makeup remover, a facial wash for men, oil skin, regular skin and so much more.

 While I was there I tried their newest product the BB Cream with SPF 30. This BB cream is amazing. It has true match technology. If you don’t know what true match is here is a short lesson. True match blends into your skin so it does not show any color difference from your skin tone. This will be my next buy when I finish with my bb cream that I am currently using.

Their friend Jane, creators of elements body essentials Donna and Teresa.

 Donna and Teresa are  mother and daughter. I love family business. You will able to find Donna at the Cloverdale Flea Market. They sell essentials for your body from head to toe that is hand made in the lower main land with natural ingredients. They offer products to rejuvenate and help to make your life just a bit less stressful. All their products are 100% natural which I love.

 So here is what I bought.

Blueberry scrub soap bar x 3 for $15.00. This scrub bar is a must have on any scrub lovers list.

The back of the box.

 Lemon Cuticle Cream which smells amazing. I love the smell of lemon and mint.

 You can’t tell but I already dug in on my way from shopping. Its about 40 ml to 50 ml jar. I used it once so far and I can already tell my skin is softer.

 Revitalizing Cleanser for Combination Skin for $6.99. They have it for oil skin type as well. The bottle is 60 ml.

Lava Exfoliating Body Wash for $11.99 120 ml. It can also be used as a face scrub just don’t get it in your eyes. Their lava comes from France. It has a nice light scent.

So let talks about the store location and hours of operation. The Store is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm and Wednesdays 6pm to 8 pm.

There location is #4 15685 Fraser Hwy Surrey BC Canada. So what you want to do is there is a ABBYS TIRE STORE. You turn into that parking lot. The parking is there out front and the store is around back to the left. Its apart of Triunity Martial Arts Building  where they teach martial arts at night.

Here is a google map to help you find it better. Body & Soul

If you are from another part of Canada then visit there website HERE.
(Disclaimer: I bought the items in this blog unless stated otherwise. My fave. scents are lemon and lime.)

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