Glymm Janurary Box 2013

Hello again its that time again. As you notice I am 2 months behind on my blog. Due to family matter I had to step away here and there. So here is what I thought about Jan’s Glymm box.

Double Trouble Mascrara by Lashem Full size 6ml @ $ 20.00/ Size I got 2 ml @ $5.33

There really was not a big enough sample for me to make a good judgement. So its still a big question mark.
so ?/5

La Fresh Travel Lite Facial Cleaning Wipes Full size 8 in a package for $ 3.00/ I got two wipes @ $0.75

I really enjoyed the idea of individual wrapped wipes. There are great for traveling which I do to the island where my in laws live. So these I would buy again just so I can pack light. They are also good for anywhere really. Just put a few in your purse and your ready to hit the town.


360 Skincare Lavender Mint Firming Serum Full size 30ml @ $34.00/ I got 5 ml @ $5.66

I was not happy with this product. It reminded me of the filling in a Oreo cookie. Which kind of made me a bit hungry.   It smelled okay. It was a bit greasy when I applied on my skin. So I will not be buying this item again.


Coolway Boost Serum Full size 270 ml @ $40.00/ I got 30 ml @ 4.44 even though glymm charges 14.95 for it on there website.

I found this item all hype and no glory. It work as well as any other conditioner I can buy at a drugstore. So mah. I will not waste my money on this items again. Even if I found it at winner for a dollar.


So total bag value: $16.18. This bag was a big downer. Only one item I would ever think about buying.

(Items in this blog was bought by me unless stated. My fave. Oreo cookie is Golden Oreo.)


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