Trend Trunk and me

So I found this site called Trend Trunk. Where you can buy and sell items. I tend to shop on there for new beauty products. I look and see if anyone is selling something for a good price before I go the big makeup stores like Sephora or SDM. So my mother’s birthday was coming up and I found Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds 100 ml Perfume for 18 dollars on the site. What a bargain.

So how does Trend Trunk works you say. While its real simple my friend. Lets say you are selling a item for 20 dollars. They tack on 8 dollars for shipping cost and email you a shipping label so the shipping is taken care of. Then after a few days the item get to the buyer door they check it came in one piece and the money is release to you. You get 80% and Trend Trunk gets 20% of the sales. So now you have 16 dollars in your pocket that you didn’t have before its just that simple.

They take credit card or you can use your online banking to buy and sell your amazing items.

To join you can just contact your facebook or your email to sign in. I will be watching for your amazing items for sale. You can count on that my friends. Here is the link to Trend Trunk.

(Disclaimer I bought the items in this blog unless stated otherwise. I do not work for Trend Trunk. Nor am I secretly a superhero.)


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