My first Beauty Box 5

I deiced to get BB5 when I saw they would have Model Co lip liner in the box. I am a sucker for Model Co. I found the rest of the box a great delight and surprise.


1.Ferro Cosmetics Desert Rose Blush Full size is 4 grams @ 17.00/ my size is 1 gram @ $4.25
   I found the color to be too dark. I put the blush in to one of my sifter jars and the color was perfect for my fair skin. I would not buy this product again. I find that 17.00 for a 4 gram jar is too much. While I could buy a cheaper blush from MUA that would work better for my skin type.


2. Pencil Me in Eye Pencil Full size @$6.99/ I got Full Size in Mint Sparkle

 I was not impress with the green eyeliner I received. I don’t wear green eyeshadow often enough to use the eye liner. I will be throwing it into my swap box. I was hoping to get a black or grey. I must admit I loved that it came with it own sharpener.


3.Model Co Colorbox Lip Pencil-Pomegranate Full size 18.00/ I got a full size

 I was impress with this lip liner. It goes on smoothly and blends really well with my lip stick color. It look brown on my lips but goes great with my twig color lip stick. I would most likely buy this item on my own.


4. Perfumies Solid Perfume Stick in Femme Fatale Fiull size 0.07 oz @ $7.00/I got a full size 

 It smelled like roses and black cherries which I really enjoyed. I would buy this product again in this smell or in others. I really enjoyed this product so much that I decide to try them all. They are great for traveling and for going out for a night on the town. So look for my futures blogs.


5. Nume Hydro Punch Shampoo Full size 250 ml @ 24..95/ Sample Size 20 ml @ $1.99

 Its a good product I wish it where a bigger size sample. It was part of the Surprise 2012 Favorites. So girls got lucky and got frizz product which I wish I got. They product worked well but for the price I can get a drugstore brand that works just as well for a lesser cost.


My thoughts on my BB5 box this month. I really like the fact I got 3 full size items. They were new to me and I have never tried any of the items in this months box. I recommed BB5 box for people who like a great mix of items.

Value of this Months box is….. $38.23 with 3 full size items 4/5

If you want to join BB5 click here. Its 12 dollars for Canada and USA. You can cancel anytime and no hassle, no a month later, no letter on how they are sad to see you go. Just go into your transaction history and click the box and all done. Signing back up is easy as well.

(Disclaimer I bought items in this blog unless stated. No I do not work or own BB5. I am just awesome. lol j/k)


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