Julep Into Box

I signed up to become a Maven in December. I am a Julep Bombshell.

The box cost me a penny. It came with cuticle oil, two glitter pots, Viola and Drew nail polishs. I found this was a great value. Since the nail polish is normally 14 dollars a piece for non- maven members. So when you join you get 20% off all products and get to use a secret store during sale for items up to 75% off. I find Julep has great customer service. 5/5

To get your own Julep Into box click here use codes for your own 1 cent box with free shipping JULEPVIP or PENNY

(Disclaimer I paid for all the items in this blog unless otherwise stated.)


7 thoughts on “Julep Into Box

  1. Thank you. Its my fave flower and holiday which is the Cherry Blossom Festival which happens in Japan on my birthday which is March.31. Out here where I live in Vancouver we have a cherry blossom events till march.31.

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