BB cream and me part one

So I went to shoppers Drug Mart to pick up some bb cream to try. Since I have really fair skin makes is difficult to buy it. I picked up Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream which is a 8 in 1 Beauty Balm in fair.

My thought: I found it blended will with my fair skin tone. I will buy this product again. 5/5

I also picked up this lovely travel perfume pump. Its really simple to use. Just the the top off your perfume of choice and instead the with tube into the hole at the bottom of the traveler and pump. Takes about 5 mins to fill it and it holds 50 sprays worth depending how much you use it lasts me 10 days.

My thoughts: I use it for everyday use since I have some many perfumes. It makes it easy to switch to a different one. Today my perfume of choice is James Bond Girl 007. 5/5

(disclaimer I bought the items in this blog unless otherwise stated.)


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