Glymm December Box 2012 Review

I know that this blog is late I was hoping to get January’s box before posting but that is not so. So here is my December Glymm Box.

Lashem Eyelash & Brow Enhancing Serum:Full Size 4.2 ml/$70.00/ I got full size

Description: Experience the difference with this dual-patented lash boosting formula.

How It Works: get longer, luscious lashes in just 6 weeks while strengthening your natural lashes.

How To Apply: Apply Lashem with one gentle continuos stroke along the edge of your eyelid and close to the lash line and let it absorb naturally. Apply morning and night but no more then twice a day.

Each should be clean of any makeup or cream and contact lenses should be removed.

Usage: Up to 6 weeks.

What did I think of it: I would not use a product to lengthen my lashes but that is just me.


Lashem False Lashes Full size:One Set/$5.00/I got one set.

Description: Get the sultry and sexy NYE look with these dramatic and fabulous lashes.

How It Works: Give your wink some loving during the holidays with these high end lashes. They’re made with quality fibers while glue is designed not to irritate your eyelid.

 These mink lashes were developed to look and feel natural with their advanced lash glue technology and were designed for high strength bonding without any discomfort.No glue needed for first-time use!

Usage: Up to 3 uses.

What did I think of it: The product was not really up my alley.


Suncoat Peel off nails Full size $9.99/I got full size

 Description: Welcome to Suncoat, your one stop for non-toxic, environmentally friendly nail polish products.

How it Works: Suncoat offers a complete line of water-based nail polish products as well as natural organic color cosmetics.

 Standing out as the only long lasting and quick-drying water-based nail polish in today’s market, Suncoat water-based nail polish is formulated based on an innovative technology.

Usages: Up to 24 months

What did I think of it: I thought it was a great product for children or people who are starting out wearing nail polish for the first time. Here is the link to Suncoat


Glamorous Products Full Size $4.50- $9.50/ I got Athena Palette Full Size $9.00

Description: As seen on The Style Network’s Glam Fairy, Glamorous Cosmetics will keep you stunning this Holiday Season.

How it works: Glamorous offers women the ability to indulge in exotic beauty. Simplifying morning routines and beauty budgets alike, the brand combines innovative products at prices beauty buffs can afford. With hundreds of nail polish, amazingly pigmented lip wear and eye enhancing shadows, the Glamorous experience is unparalleled.

Total of  value of the bag is $ 93.99 which is not a bad value. It also can with a 10 dollar gift card and 20 dollars of Panty Post Code for that is GLYMM 20.

Bad news for glymm is they have raised their price to 15 dollars a month and for free shipping in their online store went up to 100 dollars.

If you still want to sign up for the monthly box here is the link to Glymm

(Disclaimer: I bought all the items in this blog unless stated.)


2 thoughts on “Glymm December Box 2012 Review

  1. Those falsies are super cute and totally going to rock these on NYE! Overall, I was happy with the box but not thrilled. Will have to see how they go the next few months to see if I will continue. Thanks for the post.

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