What did I buy at winners?

I went to winners a week back. I went there to pick up clothes. I went peeking at the beauty section. I found some great deals that day.

The one on the left is peppermint and the one on the right is pine.

I bought of these babies for 5.00 a box. There are guest soaps for washing hands but I might use a few of them for bathes. I mean who can say no to peppermint. The peppermint one has 9 soaps in a box which comes out to be $0.55 cents a bar of soap. The pine one has 10 bars of soaps in a box which comes out to be $0.50 cents a bar.

 Then I found this lovely hand lotion that is sold in the Uk for about 20 dollars Canadian but I found it in winners for $4.99 dollars that is a total savings of 15 dollars.

 The Brand is Berkeley Square. They have been in business since the 1920’s. Here is a fun fact on each of there product they put a picture of a fashion designer. On the box is Gordon Conway b.1894 – d. 1956 Born into a wealthy Texan family, Gordon Conway’s accomplished fashion illustrations were a reflection of her own lifestyles and today evoke the elegant sophistication of a bygone age. The pure lines and confident colour of her designs for The Tatler and Britanna & Eve appeared between 1928 and 1932, typifying the androgynous chic of 1920’s Fashion. Can you image name your daughter Gordon? What was her parents thinking?

 I found a link if you want to know more about Gordon Conway click Here.

 It is fig and cherry and its smells kind of like candle wax. It works well as a hand cream for on the go.


(Disclaimer I bought the items in this blog unless stated.)


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