My Christmas Gift Haul 2012

My Christmas was great. I got to see people I did not see last Christmas.It also snow on christmas day on Victoria Island.

From My husband I got this amazing hair dryer that you see above and a pair of cute hello kitty slippers.

The family cat named Tess gave me a red and gold bead necklace with a pair of matching red earrings. How did she know and where did she find time in her busy mouse hunting day.

From my brother in law Mike I got this book about world facts which I love.

From my other brother in law Pat I got a cherry blossom baths set, a pair of pink wool socks that are non-slip and Hello kitty bubble bathes. Is it just me or is there a hello kitty theme going on?

From my oldest daughter Cassie I got a calender she made with pictures of her self and a gift card for swiss chalet.

From my Parents in law I got 2 word boards games, a 25 dollars chapters gift card , a wonder white sweather with two camisoles in fushia and a copper red and a puzzle with a farm as its picture.

What did you get for Christmas?

(Disclaimer I bought the items in this blog unless otherwise stated.)


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