My review on Elements Body Essentials Products

 Today I went to the Cloverdale Flea Market. Where I met the charming owners Teresa and Donna of Elements Body Essentials. Where they sell 3 soaps for 10 dollars or 2 soaps and a liquid hand soap for 10 dollars. I smelled all the different soaps they had to offer. It was had choosing which ones to take home with me. I notice that all there products are handmade from natural ingredients which I love.

They can cutely wrapped with love.

The soap on the left is strawberries and cream. and the one on the right is Zen.

 So I finally chose a lovely strawberries and cream that was smell so good I could have eaten it.  Also a lovely soap called zen which have a very light smell that reminded me of  new car smell with clean linen mixed together. I am sure you are thinking to yourself where is the third soap?

I got the mango hand soap.

 I love the smell of mangoes when I heard there was a mango hand soap there was no need to ask which one I wanted.It smell so nice like I am eating my fave. mango pudding all over again.

I got this for free.

 I tried this baby when I was there. I was impress let me say. I suffer from a condition on my hands called Baker’s Hands which is my tops of the hand all way dry and itches. I got to say when I use this product on my hands I was blown away the  redness was going away and the itchiness stopped. I have tried a lot body lotions and hand creams from high end to low end . I will be buying this product in the near future.

5/5 and gets a high five from my husband.

To learn more about their products go to their site Elements Body Essentials or their facebook page Elements Body Essentials.

I know what my mother and mother in law are getting for mother’s day.


5 thoughts on “My review on Elements Body Essentials Products

  1. I went to the Cloverdale swap meet yesterday and bought some products.The owners are friendly and the products are great. I love the Vanilla lotion. I also like the fact that they are natural as I am allergic to somethings.

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