November’s Glymm Bag

So a few days ago I got my November glymm bag and let me say its a lot better than I have seen from glymm.

 Moisturzing Shampoo full size 500ml/$24.00 sample size 60ml/ $2.88

Description: Fall in love with your hair after using this gentle shampoo that will leave your tresses and scalp happy as can be.

How It Works: A great success to unite a copra (Coconut) foaming base with a rare and precious oil from Morocco. Discover the properties of this soft and creamy foam that gently cleanse and moisturizes your hair and scalp. Argan oil is rich in E and F vitamins with unique nutritional properties to counter the damaging effects of age and climate on your hair and scalp. Apply to wet hair. Massage gently and rinse. To complete your hair care, use moisturizing balm.

Usage: Up to 14 uses

My Thoughts:  I enjoyed the richness of the shampoo. It made my hair soft. It also had a great smell to it.


Moisturizing Balm Full Size 500 ml/ $24.00 Sample 60 ml/ $2.88

Description: Never worry about dry hair again with this rich and protective moisturizing balm.

How it Works: Edible oil extracted from the Argan tree. Argan oil is nature’s rare richness. It has been used for centuries to protcet hair from drying affects of the sun,sea salt, pollution, chemicals and cold.The Argan Oil conditioner ensures optimum hydration without causing heaviness on hair.Enjoy the exhilarating feeling of your soft and shiny hair. Wash your hair with Argan Oil shampoo. Spread the balmgenerously on hair and leave on a few minutes.Remove excess with warm water.

Usages: Up to 14 uses

My thoughts:I found the balm great as well for my hair but it was a problem to get out of the bottle.


Scintillating Bar Soap full size 3.5 0z or 99 G/ $6.00 Sample size 20 G/  $1.21

Description: Whip your skin into shape and redefine bad with this luxuriously delicious soap,

How it works: This soap is all its luxurious lather is bound to transform your daily ablutions from a task into a treat.The formula is an indulgent blend of delicate vegetable oils and exotic unrefined butters.It’s completly luxurious with gratuitous additions like chocolate, tussah noil “peace” silk, honey, cucumber, volcanic clay, and a wealth of organic goodies.

My thoughts: I love the peppermint smell of the soap prefect for christmas. I ended up buying alot of the soaps for christmas stockings and for my self. I found nothing wrong with the soap but the fact is smelled so good I wanted to eat it.


The New Black Nail polish Fulls size comes in 3 to 5 per a set/$15-24/ Sample size 5ml/$5.00

Description: It’s not just nail polish, it’s art.Get on trend with these perfect packs of polish.

How it works: Founders of THE NEW BLACK created high-quality color stories that makes it possible to try all the latest nail trends.They feature limited-editions sets of per-curated, compatible colors inspired by the runway. The formalations are long-wearing, ultra-glossy, fast drying, and chip resisant.Color glides on evenly and effortlessly for a truly professional-looking finish.

Usages: up to 20 uses

My thoughts: I love this nail polish so much I bought a whole collection of it. It had a small nail brush with is great for someone who has small finger nails like me. I enjoyed how fast it dried and it last 2 days with out chipping.


The Beehive Scents Full size 100 ml/$35/ Sample size 0.5 ml/ $0.17

How it works: The Beehive is introducing their first collection of delectable fragrances. Fall in love with one of scents you have received below.

Scents: Alice Blue: a deliciously fresh floral bouquet dipped in warm vanilla with a delicate fruity touch.

Honey Blossom: a floral explosion with notes of Tea and Mandarin harmonized with vanilla, amber and patchouli.

Lulu Lemondrop: a mixture of lemongrass and citrus with a fruity bleand of pineapple, sweet berries and spun sugar.

Usages: up to 14 uses

My Thoughts: I recieved Lulu lemondrop.I don’t like fruity smell but I’m sure that someone else does would enjoy this perfume.


The total cost of my bag was… drum-roll please……. $12.14 not a great worth to it.

Made in canada logo

What Did you think of Your Glymm bag this month?


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