The Scent of Departure

In august I entered in Glymm’s Scents of Departure contest and I enter not thinking I would win cause I never win anything but never say never. I found out a month after entering into the contest that I won New York City Scent. Which just so happens was waiting for me in my mailbox this morning.

Sorry I took it side way but there it is.
Came in this amazing envelope.
Sorry its hard to take pictures of perfume bottles.

So on the bottle top it says Who hasn’t dreamt of capturing the scents of a trip and bringing them back home?The Scent of Departure fragrances capture the essence and spirit of the world’s most vibrant cities in an offactory memento.Voyage from one city to another, fragrance by fragrance.

On the bottom of the bottle is says a lovely sunny day in the Big Apple City. The air is filled with the scents of lilac and rose from the vast and majestic Central Park. You are walking along Times Square under the mind and fresh breeze from New York harbour. Enjoy this modern crisp and invigorating fragrance with sparkling and sourish notes of apple.

Now for my opinon on The Scent of Departure New York city Eau De Toilette. I really like the smell it reminds me of leather, rain and apples. Its has a long lasting smell. It kind of makes me think of a Village People convention where everyone is dressed in leather while doing the YMCA in the rain while bobbing for apples. I love the heavy bottle top. I hate when you buy perfume or other wise you get a cheap plastic cap that breaks in the first month you owned it. I enjoyed the product so much that I will be buying other cities scents.

I give this Product a 5/5 stars.

Its available at for $45.00 1.7 FL oz Made in France.


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